Self-care Weekly Assignments written.

Self-care Weekly Assignments!

Monday: (Action) Future – 10 positive affirmations, out loud, in the mirror.
(Journal) Begin to visualize 1 year from now.

Tuesday: (Action) Body – 15 minutes of working out
(Journal) Favorite part of your body, and why.

Wednesday: (Action) Creative – color, dance, sing, crafts, finish project
(Journal) What kind of hobby do you want to start/get back into and why?

Thursday: (Action) Spiritual – Pray, meditate, read spiritual books
(Journal) Did you notice the universe trying to connect with you today?

Friday: (Action) Truth – Investigate a “fact” on Facebook, Huff Post, Buzzfeed, etc.
(Journal) What have you noticed differently this week from investing time in your relationship with yourself?

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We’ll be talking about our self-care week and how it worked for us. Hope it has brightened your week as it has ours!

A Story I have to tell.

If you like the creepy coincidental, read this.

I am an SGI Buddhist member. This stands for Soka Gakkai International (Value Creation Soceity for those that don’t read Japanese ;)). My friend Julia received her Gohonzon recently. (I will have a glossary at the end). A few woman’s division members, and my friend Gerry, went over to her house to enshrine her Gohonzon on Monday, October 2nd.

Julia Enshrinement

It was a glorious moment, everyone brought her gifts, books to read, a sentimental bell for her to ring while she is chanting, and she was so welcomed into our glorious practice.

When we were finished and everyone else left, Julia and I were talking and she was asking me plenty of great questions about her new journey. I felt incredibly moved to tell her a story from when I had only been practicing a few months.

This will show you proof that there are no coincidences, only tiny miracles 🙂

My mother was passing away from cancer. If anyone knows cancer, they know it could take years. She was in her last few months of being on this earth. I had been helping her, taking care of her, and it really gave our relationship a whole new depth. All I wanted at that time, since I wasn’t working, was to help people, in any way I could.

The day before this extraordinary incident, my boyfriend-at-the-time and I  went to Buffalo State’s Anne Frank Project and saw a survivor’s panel of Bhutanese people who were in refugee camps for 17 years.. They all came together from around America to be there that day. They were showing off their beautiful artwork, and one of the men lead a guided meditation. It was absolutely harmonious, and I had been thinking I wanted to help refugees in Buffalo, since we have such a high population.

The day after this beautiful experience, I chanted strongly that I wanted to help someone that day. My boyfriend and I went on our usual bike ride. We were heading to Canalside, which is a straight shot down Niagara St from Black Rock. While on the ride, something inside me told me to go left. So, we took a left; then a right; then another left, just following my intuition without knowing why.

We passed a police car, and a tree, and then we saw a woman, barely coherent, on the ground. We rushed over to her and asked if she was okay. The police man in the vehicle couldn’t see her because the tree was in the way. I called him over and he called for back-up immediately.

While we were talking with her, I was trying to calm her down, but she was crying hysterically; she was very distraught. I asked her name, then I asked her last name, and she began to laugh.
Bhutanese people DON’T HAVE LAST NAMES.
It was a great way to bring levity to a scary situation, because she spoke little to no English, but apparently she understood it!

A few moments later, while the ambulance arrived, a woman walked over and announced that she had treated this woman at her clinic on the lower west side previously. That her husband had been driving by and told her one of her patients may have been on the ground!

It was then that the firefighters and EMTs were asking us if the Bhutanese woman was drunk. The woman’s doctor came at the perfect time to tell them, and us, that she has epilepsy, and that is why she was disoriented.

I had shivers in my bones and entire body telling Julia this story, and so did she.

Today, I was looking through facebook and realized that this event happened exactly one year ago on the day I was telling her about it!

I texted Julia immediately and she told me that she was just grabbing her phone to tell me that the George Harrison song, My Sweet Lord, that she played me last week that has spiritual and sentimental value in her life was playing on the radio at work.

There are no coincidences my loves.

Coincidence Stars

The Spiritual Side

This post is where I get real. To get real with me, I need you to open your mind, and let go of what you believe if that belief does not include God-coincidences.

Because last night, I awakened. Again.

I had my hopes wayy high up about getting this editing gig at a really established company. This is what I want to do with my life, but I’ve been super lazy about working on getting better at my craft -like I never have. I thought getting a degree would teach me everything I needed to know. Turns out, the ONLY relevant class I ever took was in Australia, and I was not exactly dedicated. I was in the greatest country, experiencing the coolest things, just by walking outside my door. I did not have the motivation to put my all into my class work. I was there to have fun. My bad.

But it all led me to this moment, where I didn’t get the job, even when the owner was rooting for me to get it after speaking with him on the phone. My skills just were not up to par. Because I have never practiced, honed, or worked on making them better.

My naive little self thought that my talents were enough to get me by in life. Not so.
So, I was a bit devastated, and thought all the negative things I could think, just to really drag me down. So I sat, watching The Good Place and wising I was there instead. I tried to shake it off and read “The Freelancer’s Bible,”  but every time they wrote of some idea that is part of your career as a freelancer, I would think to myself, “You’ll never be able to do that.”

What a crock.

I had scheduled to hang with my Buddhist friend and chant together, so I dusted my self-pity off and went to her house. My spirits were lifted within minutes of speaking to this girl, as they always are, and for that, I love her dearly.

After leaving her house though, I felt saddened again. The wave was coming back, trying to pull me under. Luckily, I met up with some friends from another spiritual practice of mine – and boy, did they let me bitch!

It was going on 10 pm when they finally said, okay, time to go home now.

And as I was pulling away to go home and mope some more about how stuck I am and why can’t I believe things will get better for me, it instantly hit me.

I WANT ATTENTION. Negative, positive; it doesn’t matter -as long as I can play the victim, which I am tremendous at.

So now, I am awake to that fact and can change it. I can decide I want attention for the things I am doing good at, for the things I can accomplish in life.

I was under the smoke-screen of resolving to live a life as a nuisance, as someone always trying, but never actually achieving the goals they want in life, who they want to become.

No longer! I am taking full responsibility, as best I can on any given day, for MY LIFE. And it feels sooo good. Not at all as scary as my mind makes it out to be.

So, my friends, I wish you the same clarity, and the same determination. To make your life whatever you truly want it to be!

And, it’s not just words. I put this thinking into action immediately. I began reading the tools that came from the proofreading course I signed up for. The thoughts again, came at me, that I am just not good enough. I dashed those instantly. I emailed the company and asked why they didn’t hire me and what I can improve on. And, you know what? The owner replied this morning and gave a heartfelt wish of sorrow that we could not work together, and helped me see what I can do better for the next interview!

Follow your heart, and you will never be disappointed.