World, Meet Penelope!

I got a kitten!!! A Lynx/Siamese beautiful little girl kitten, and I named her Penelope. Penny for short 🙂

She is the sweetest, most playful, lovable kitten EVER. And I fucking deserve her after having a cat that’s a fucking dick for 10+ years. Seriously, Oliver attacks me whenever he feels like it. He scratches up my couch, he hides from other people and animals, and he bites me to let me know anything (because he can’t talk, because he’s a cat). He’s a scaredy cat and a jerk all at once. And I LOVE him because he’s mine and he’s been with me through it all. But I have said for years, he’s a fucking asshole of a cat.

Oliver 10 years old

So I should have been on cloud 9 getting this adorable, sweet little girl. But fucking Craigslist.

I got this kitten from a Burger King parking lot in South Buffalo (the shady part where all the drunks and people who wear pajamas to Tops live) from a Puerto Rican. Well, actually her daughter, who was 45 minutes late.
It was raining and so we made the switch quickly.
It wasn’t until I was driving away that I realized SHE. HAD. FLEAS!!!

How inconsiderate could you be?!?

I am not a bug person. Never have had fleas. I was NOT happy. And she was fucking covered!
They were all over her neck, in her fur, crawling on her eyeballs. I felt so terribly for the little angel. But that didn’t stop me from locking her in the bathroom for the night so my bed and cat wouldn’t get infested with them.

In 24 hours I gave that kitten two different types of baths, put two different types of medicines on her, and by the next morning, I combed through her hair and the fleas were gone. *Magic trick is rubbing alcohol and dish soap.

And I was able to hold my sweet angel and really grow that bond with her. She slept on my chest that night, and I knew I loved her.
I am so overjoyed and blessed and grateful to have her playful little self in my life. She has the sweetest little squeak of a meow and the softest little kitten fur with the warmest body. I am so glad I get to take care of her in the way she deserves, and that she can call me mommy.