I Don’t Take My Own Advice #2 – Sex, relationships, birth control

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Good enough?

What is that little thought inside your head that says, “This is not good enough. If only we had that, then that would be good enough.”?

I know it’s probably the human instinct to be happy. We have to strive for better in order to continue growing, so we have to have thoughts pushing us forward.

But when does that little voice become a nuisance instead of a helper, and what can we do to use it to our advantage?

I have had that nagging voice yelling at me all my life, telling me I wasn’t good enough when I got my associates degree. Telling me I wasn’t good enough because I only got my Bachelor’s and not my Master’s. Telling me I could not possibly be good enough for a real job. Telling me, telling me, telling me.

When is it my turn to have a say?

Now. And now. And now.

Good Enough

As I said in my last article, it is that little girl who is scared and doesn’t want to end up homeless. She is very well-intentioned, but not extremely helpful or encouraging.

It is my job, every day, to talk to her and tell her that we can do this; together.

It is my job to write down all the things I’m grateful for, because they show her that there is more to life than the scary stuff.

It is my job to be the adult and give her play time, time with friends, time to think and wonder and create.

I may have lived through some very painful times, but it is my job to help her see that there is more good in the future. That we can make it through the day. That there is always someone to talk to.

I have gone to Australia by myself, and still, I only focus on the bad things in my mind. But that is my choice. All I have to say is, “Thank you for your input, but I’m doing just fine today.” And go on about my day.

When I can do that, amazing, wonderful things happen, and I don’t even have a reason to be scared.

I hope that you can find your inner strength today, and let someone else in on the fabulous person you are.

Leave comments about how you make it through the day.



I’ve lived through too much to do fine.


Two weeks into dating Casey, when both of us thought she was about to head off to Asheville we took an amazing date day. Spent the whole day together, exploring Buffalo on a whim. Played pool, walked around Delaware Park, to finish this beautiful day she took me to the observation tower at Canalside for the first time. We were standing up there and I was recounting the last two weeks and how this woman who I barely knew started this change in me. For the first time in years I was thinking about creating again. Building things, painting, writing. As we’re looking out at Buffalo this thought made its way past my lips which has since developed into a bit of a mantra. I have lived through too much to do fine. It’s hard to express how true that statement is, but at some point in the last five years that life was what happened to me.


After I got out of my marriage, I think I was so content with being free that I felt as though I should just keep my head down and be grateful for what I’ve got. A bit of a spit in the face when you think about all that I’ve gone through. There is nothing wrong in my opinion with taking a breather after any major life transition, but this encroaching apathy was climbing up to debilitating levels.


Which is partly why the ball that Casey had started rolling was so exhilarating. Having what felt like its own center of gravity, it began to attract more of the same. This blog for instance, inspired by Becca, the co-creator, and her fearlessness when it came to taking control of her life and her future. Venturing off to make her own business instead of succumbing to self-doubt. The universe has always surrounded me with people like that, if I take enough care to pay attention. Those who don’t accept what life has dealt them, but realize that life is what you make it. That the dreams that you have are only limited by yourself.


The first thing I ever wanted to be, other than a Spice Girl, I was seven years old and we in the soup aisle at the Grocery store. My mom asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I told her that I wanted to be a storyteller, but through the inevitability of childhood I began to to believe that anything in the creative realm was a hobby. I began to buy into the opposite of what we tell our children; that you can’t be whatever you want to be.

Rather you get a respectable job, work hard, clock in, clock out, get married, have kids, do the whole thing. That mentality is what led me to get married at 20 years-old. Now of course I didn’t go about it in the aforementioned order. Nevertheless, it is that thought process that tells you that this is what you have to do; that there is this picture that you have to fit into. A picture has a way of turning out to be just like everyone else. When I was 5 years old the concept of being cookie cutter was the farthest thing from my mind. I wanted to be extraordinary.


Unfortunately I chose to surround myself with people that were comfortable in complacency; what a horrifying thought. That thought, that picture, it wasn’t my dream it wasn’t what I aspired to. It was just what I thought I was supposed to do. And when I got my carefully orchestrated picture, the husband, staying at home with 2.5 kids (not that there is anything wrong with that) maybe if it was in a healthier nature, sure. But allowing my creativity to die allowing complacency to become comfortable, along with other aspects of my unhealthy relationship brought me to a lobotomized like state of step-ford wife. Suicidal thoughts once again became an unwanted house guest that I couldn’t shake.


I no longer accept orbiting with those that are ok with fine. This life is what you make it. My life is what I make it. And I’m nothing special, just a poor white girl born raised in central Florida. Teenage mom, college dropout. Like I said, nothing special, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be extraordinary. I found out last night that I was picked for a writing job that I interviewed for. There is something affirming about that. It’s one of those moments that makes you wonder what the rest is gonna look like. I don’t want to even dream about the next chapter, because I know that I’ll sell myself short. So instead I’ll just continue to push forward; taking every opportunity that I manifest. Committing to an extraordinary life. Because I have survived things that should have killed me. I have come out the other side (albeit a little worse for wear) from terrors that most people only witness in nightmares.

I have lived through too much to do fine.Blog Banner_712_gray_res1

Little you.

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed…

Take time for your inner child.

Settle down for a moment, breathe in and out, and take him/her to a fun, safe place.

I take little me to a beautiful State Park where she can explore nature and enjoy the animals.

It quiets her down and lets her know I care for her and will take care of her. It allows her to feel happy and safe, so that I can get on with handling life.

Take time for your inner child today, because it is there and it wants to be heard.


How to Make it Through the Day with Self-Doubt

When you have been told and shown that you are not good enough, no matter what you do, it can be hard to have self-confidence.

I’m here to help you decide (yes, it’s a decision) to have a better day, and stop listening to those yucky thoughts in your head that are holding you back.

self doubt

I have a tremendous amount of actual issues that hold me back. My self-doubt LOVES to blow them out of proportion and produce them as evidence that I will not make it.

Some of the reasons are:

I do not sleep/wake up at normal business hour times.
I have a serious lack of memory.
I have social anxiety.
I am lazy and procrastinate a lot.
I have PTSD, which makes life more of a game of survival than the thriving in each situation I would like.

Some of you are probably nodding your head going me too. But the biggest, most corrosive lie I tell myself is that these problems are unique to me and that everyone else has self-doubt only in their head, but I have legit reasons for it.

The ego is smarter than I, unfortunately.

But there is something to be done about this. We can CHANGE OUR MINDS.

self doubt hill

Every time I notice a thought like this, I can see it, breathe and remember what I really am, which is a part of this huge universe that will never let me down, and imagine myself overcoming the “issue” I am currently facing.

My former therapist always used to say, “What we resist persists.” Now that is just a fun way of saying that we are the creators of our outer world.

I have decided that I was going to do some work tonight, even though it’s a Sunday, even though I was watching TV before this, even though I do not believe in my abilities as much as I would like to today.

Life is about action. When I take an action, it gives me that inertia to take more action, and more importantly, it gives me the confidence to do it again. That action, taken over time, allows me to improve my abilities and begins to remove the evidence that self-doubt had.

Self-doubt can’t catch me when I’m doing my thing!

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