Becca’s Book Review

“The Life we Bury” by Allen Eskens

Life we Bury


My Summary:

Joe is a college student with a lot of crazy home-life baggage. He reluctantly goes to a nursing home to do a biography project, and finds a convicted rapist and murderer, Carl Iverson!
As he starts investigating Carl’s life with the hot girl from next door, he finds Carl may have done the time, but may not have done the crime. Mystery unfolds…

My Review:

Seriously, check this book out!

Allen has an impeccable way of making his characters seem legit. Joe’s brother Jeremy has autism, and I could have heard any of his lines coming from most audible people with autism. I truly appreciated the realness of his speech.

And the twists, turns, and plot switches. Oh my. It had me enthralled most of the story. Which is wonderful for a non-diagnosed person with true ADD.

The plot points were somewhat unbelievable, and it did get a little out of hand when someone (I won’t say who) was running for their lives. Like it was almost too close to a song by Eninem. But it carried until the end.

If you like crime, shock, and romance done right, give this book a read.

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