The Editor and the Oddity


I am a spirit in the body of a girl becoming a woman, but not too quickly. Being bad can be too much fun sometimes. I am a new entrepreneur making my way in the world of editing and proofreading. I am always on the hunt for cool new ideas, amazing facets of life, and a plain, old good time!

I am undisciplined, a bit of a wack-a-doddle, and I am completely open about everything in my life. Mainly because this is not my life to live. I am a spirit becoming aware of itself through the Becca mode this go-around, and I want to get to that place where body and spirit are one as often as I can.

Please join me on this journey of fun and enlightenment. Cheers mate!

Rebecca Ann Dombrowski


I am a curly redhead with a brood of three amazing children. I currently have six cats,  and two dogs. Add the kids and the awesome girlfriend, that makes 13 heartbeats in our cozy home. You can say I like to keep things interesting. Somehow I have fit quite a lot into 26 years on this planet, and if you stick around I imagine you’ll probably get to learn about most of it.

Siobhan Carol Carr